Course Overview

The Japanese and Chinese Language Program for Elementary Students is a Senior Capstone class offered at PSU for students in a variety of majors. Students will work mainly with elementary school programs that offer Japanese and Chinese in the Portland area, by assisting a classroom teacher and developing teaching materials. Students will also work on promotion of foreign language education at the elementary level. The class itself will address various issues pertaining to foreign language learning and teaching, including multiple intelligences, Japanese/Chinese language/culture, and diversity.

In short, the capstone is about:
• Promoting Elementary-level Foreign Language Education.
• Introducing students to teaching in that environment.
• Assisting local schools teaching these foreign languages.

Winter/Spring 2008

Day/Time: Wednesday, 6:40pm - 8:30pm; Volunteer times as arranged.
Credits: 3cr each term
(Both terms are required for University Studies requirements.)

Winter/Spring 2009

To be announced.

Who should take this?

Nearly anyone ready for their Capstone! This course is recommended for majors of Japanese, Chinese or other foreign languages, Applied Linguistics, Education and others. We have even had majors of Art, Music, Performing Arts, English and Graphics Design participate in the course without problems. While we recommend basic Japanese or Chinese (completion of 201-level courses), it isn't a requirement. Students will volunteer in classrooms suited to their skill level -- from Kindergarten and beyond.

What will students do?

• Attend regular PSU class meetings.
• Reading assignments and write papers.
• Observe elementary classes.
• Assist in classroom instruction.
• Develop teaching materials.
• Promote the program.
• Present their work to their peers.

Issues Addressed

Students will address various issues pertaining to:
• Foreign language education at the elementary level
    Why teach a foreign language? Why Japanese or Chinese?
• Multiple intelligences
    Which intelligences are your strengths?
    How others perceive the world?
• Japanese/Chinese language and culture
• Learning materials and activities
• Diversity. How do we recognize diversity?